Pay Rent

Paying Your Rent

Rent is always paid in advance in minimum fortnightly installments. All rent payments must be made via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by Direct Deposit at any Bank SA branch. Please note that our office does not accept rent payments in cash or by cheque.

Account Details for Rental Payments

Bank: Bank SA
Account Name: Wemark Real Estate Trust Account
BSB Number: 105118
Account Number: 061155740

When making your rental payments it is essential that you use your assigned reference number so that we can locate your payment. Failure to do so could result in your payment being lost or unallocated. If you are not sure what your reference number is, please ask your property manager or call 08 7200 1444.

ZERO TOLERANCE RENT ARREARS POLICY At WEMARK Real Estate, we understand that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that may result in delayed rent payments. Although we will endeavor to accommodate any extraordinary viable situations resulting in late rent payments, there is however a ZERO TOLERANCE RENT ARREARS procedure that must be maintained.
If you happen to fall into arrears or know you will be unable to make a rent payment, you should contact our office immediately to discuss this with your property manager.

The following outlines the ZERO TOLERANCE RENT ARREARS POLICY that applies with every rental property managed by WEMARK Real Estate:

1. 3-5 days in arrears SMS reminder
2. 5-7 days in arrears Reminder Notice
3. 7-14 days in arrears Final warning phone call
4. 14+ days in arrears FORM 2 - Notice to remedy breachFailure to comply with the requirement of your tenancy agreement and this policy will mean that your tenancy may be terminated or not renewed at the end of the agreed term and your details will be placed on the TICA default tenant database (covering AUS & NZ, lasting 5 years). This will make it very difficult for you to gain future rental accommodation.