Paresh Shah

Paresh Shah

Sales Specialist / Auctioneer


My approach as a Land Agent and an Auctioneer is to selling real estate is completely different to most Agents, because I'm not trying to sell every house in the street or suburb, and I've taken a deliberate approach to the selling of a small or Large collection of property's at any one time, so that I have the time to offer personal and individual service.

Reliable, likable and always available. I knows no boundaries to service and commits 24/7 to my real estate career, and your results.

I put in the long hours, putting valuable hours back in your pocket. That's what real, real estate agents do. I am also alert to the subtle shifts in market turns, and I converts data into opportunity. Prospecting is my gold, and the chase of my love. My clients know me well.

From Saturday night contract sign-ups to marathon negotiations; it comes down to work ethic, energy, and a deep determination to succeed.

And with a personality that sets me apart from the bland, and a path that lies golden ahead, the only way is up for Paresh Shah.

I use the best professionals and technology to produce beautiful photos and well-scripted videos for the internet, YouTube and Facebook, and with eye-catching signs and full-color brochures, you'll know that your property is being represented to the sales market in the best possible manner.

I have the experience, maturity and the skill set to present your property no matter the price point or suburb to the sales market using a variety of methods that are designed to not only make both yourself and your buyers relaxed and comfortable, but also entice your buyers to go that little bit extra, so they don't lose the opportunity to own your property.

I can assure you that you, your property and your buyers will be represented in a professional and ethical manner.

So, if you want to invite an Agent into your home that doesn't mind spending time with you to discuss and understand YOUR needs and goals, then please contact me and it will by my pleasure to take the care and responsibility to offer you, the right advice.

Skills, expertise & awards
I specialize in the selling of a SMALL & Large COLLECTION OF PROPERTY at any one time and I have been successfully selling property in a variety of suburbs and price.

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